Gen21 AR


The Accounts Receivables module of Gen21 provides functions equivalent to an Accounting system to manage the accounts receivables related to airtime sales transactions. It facilitates tracking of invoice, advance and post-dated receipts, bounced cheques, revisions and provides statement of account and aging related reports

•    Post all or selected Invoices generated to AR module
•    Facility for Advance Receipt and post dated receipt.
•    Adjust advance against client and invoice at later date.
•    Facility to receive general receipt.
•    Facility to create PDD (Provision for Doubtful Debts)
•    Facility to record bounced cheque transaction.
•    History for the revisions made to receipt transactions.
•    Delete a receipt
•    Facility to view deleted receipt.
•    AR Reports – Invoice listing, ageing reports, statement of account etc.

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