Gen21 Announces Version 10.0


Gen21 BMS Version 10.0

At Broadcast Asia 2017, Infotech Solutions will show case Gen21 BMS Version 10.0. This is the latest version of Gen21 BMS and comes with several new features and additional modules to further enhance user experience and seamless operations for broadcasters. Some of the significant additions in Gen21 Version 10.0 include

  • Gen21 Asset Manager
  • Gen21 Report Builder
  • Auto Reconciliation
  • Online Sales
  • BXF Ready Interface to Playout
  • Revenue Optimization Tool
  • Import Export EPG tool
  • Multi Scheduling
  • Off Air Scheduling and Ad booking
  • Sales Bundling and Sponsorship
  • Run pattern Definition
  • Digital file movement and workflow
  • amongst others

Gen21 Asset Manager enables broadcaster to digitize media assets. The Asset Manager is integrated with file QC system and Transcoding engine to perform QC and encoding on the ingested material. The Asset Manager supports the digital workflow of broadcaster right from ingest, metadata input for the media asset, preview, copying/allocation to specific folders for distribution, etc.

Gen21 Agency module interfaces with agency systems to exchange the data between broadcasters and agencies like Schedule, rate card, campaign, invoice, log proof etc;

Gen21 Distribution module enables the Broadcasters, Production Houses or other Content Distributors to buy and sell content, produced or acquired by them. Gen21 Distribution manages the multiple rights and territories associated with the content.