Product Highlights


Modular Application

Gen21 is built using modular structure, so it is possible to choose only those modules that are required to start. It is easy to seamlessly plug in additional modules to work in integration with existing modules, as and when required.

Dynamic Report Builder

The system is enriched with the dynamic reports building tool, which enables users to create their own reports. The user-friendly, intuitive interface facilitates the user to create and store reports for the future use.

Alert System

Inbuilt system alerts notify concerned users of important status changes like program change, media arrival, approval request etc. that need immediate attention. This helps eliminate communication gaps and delay in information sharing across broadcast departments.

Single Point Data Entry

The system is designed to achieve the goals of efficient and flexible data management using the concept of a centralized data source that can be shared appropriately across the enterprise.

Gen21 achieves this by having:

  • Shared database for all functions
  • Accurate & Specific access restriction to data
  • Modular design where system functions match operation functions

Multi Currency

The system supports multiple currencies for Programme Purchasing and Asset value. The corporate currency is also definable, with reports available in both local & corporate currency. Exchange rates are held at System and program contracts level.

User Friendly

Gen21 has the intuitive user-friendly interfaces, which allows users to quickly and easily manage all the processes with flexibility. Each and Every action with self-explanatory text or caption for action helps users to easily understand the sequence of operations and the results to be expected.

Efficient Searching Mechanism

Efficient searching techniques throughout the system help users to look for specific information easily using simple and elaborate search keys and find the exact information quickly.

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