Broadcast Networks

Gen21 Product suite enables Broadcast networks to efficiently manage content acquisition, media movement, program content scheduling and optimized ad placement thus maximizing the content value per purchased rights. It helps increase yield from traditional and new media inventory while centralized campaigns and billing services strengthen relationship with advertisers …

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Pay TV

Gen21 PayTV helps in efficient management of multi-channel subscriber services and increases subscriber value via on-demand services (VOD and NVOD) via broadband. Integration with conditional access and EPG systems is streamlined with Gen21 open architecture which includes a wide range of interfaces. Advertising sales can also be integrated across channels and media properties …

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Digital Signage

Gen21 Spot (Digital Signage) is the ad management solution for the newer modes of advertising. Digital signage has demonstrated a continuing ability to reach large audiences in a targeted way at a point where it really matters. With this growing market in mind, Gen21 has launched Digital Signage Ad management product, the Gen21 Spot, the product for ad booking on digital signage boards, targeted at the Out-of-Home (OOH) ad industry …

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