What`s New




  • Break patterns adoptable to pass-through channel requirement
  • Graphical reports for Sales performance analysis
  • MAM interface through Webservices
  • Cross channel make good

Feature Details

BXF compliant log

  • Now gen21 can provide BXF compliant log to automation. This log can be offline in an xml file with bxf format.

Multi Schedule View

  • View schedule for more than one channel in same screen. User can select 3 channels at one time to view.

Natural Repeat

  • Natural repeat facility allows same episode to be aired within 24 hours of the first airing, without reducing the available runs.
  • While amortizing the run system checks for airing date and time and if it is natural repeat no amortization is calculated for same.

New ROS Rate Card and ROS booking

  • Now ROS rate card can be defined for specific day in a selected period. So channel can have different ROS rate for week day and week end.
  • While booking user can define ROS time range manually or can select from drop down.

ROS Promo Schedule

  • Promo booking made simple with ROS booking. This works same like ROS spot booking. Using these module promos can be directly placed in log. Traffic also has ROS promo basket, so all ROS promo sit in this basket and user can book them if required.

Cross channel Make good

  • Gen21 allows make good across channel. If a multi channel PO is received and space for one channel is full then, no need to cancel that spot. This spot can be offered to different channel with similar rate.

Program level

  • Program level is defined to identify whether program is of same price or category. This is used while make good filter. When make good for same channel or cross channel system will filter program with same level. This results in less revenue loss. User can override this filter with authorization.

EPG Import and Export

  • o Catalog definition per channel for EPG import. In catalog user can define length of each field formats for date, time, duration etc, as for each channel has different format for EPG. This catalog will be used while importing EPG.
  • Export EPG in various formats like xml, excel, SGI etc.

Pre-defined Break pattern

  • Gen21 has facility to define pre-defined break patterns. These break patterns can be defined for each channel and duration. While importing EPG system uses these break patterns for each program based on channel and duration.

Digital file movement

  • Gen21 has facility to record movement of digital material. As not all users may have access to all digital file, Gen21 can keep track of all the digital material that is being copied.

Lowres clip viewing

  • User can view low resolution clip from anywhere in Gen21. User can view from Scheduling, traffic, masters, library, acquisition etc.

Web service for MAM integration

  • Gen21 has developed web service to provide integration to MAM. Gen21 provides all the metadata required for MAM.
  • It also can capture status of ingest and can provide the list of the files or material required to be ingested to or deleted from system.
  • If required Gen21 import segmentation information directly from MAM.

General features

  • Predefined tax detail for country or region based for tax Calculation, that is defined once and used for all taxable documents.
  • Facility to define AE commission percentage at MO level & generate report on the same.
  • Bulk promo deletion and replacement utility.

Gen21 integrates with Vidcheck, File QC system

  • Gen21 has been integrated to Vidcheck a file based QC system. As a part of digital workflow in Gen21, Gen21 Send the ingested file to Vidcheck for QC process. After QC is done Gen21 recives the results from the QC and accordingly push them to separate folders like (Pass /Fail / Ready etc).  the captured result is sent back to Gen21 QC module.